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Founded in September 1986, Shenzhen Building Decoration (Group) Co., Ltd. (Shenzhuang Group for short) is a large internationalized enterprise integrating design, research and development, production and construction. It used to be Shenzhen Building Decoration Corporation and it is one of the enterprises that were established by 20,000 engineering corps who were transferred to civilian work in Shenzhen from army. Shenzhuang Group is also a national high-tech enterprise which has been qualified with the “First Grade” Qualifications approved by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural Development in the fields of decoration, curtain wall, electromechanical products, electronics and intelligence and exhibition and with the “Double Class-A” Qualification in decoration and curtain wall design. Shenzhuang Group is not only the first enterprise to obtain the certification of national green decoration projects, but also one of the enterprises to draft the national green decoration project standard and the editor-in-chief to draft the engineering construction standards for a number of national engineering construction projects. The engineering business of Shenzhuang Group has covered the whole country and developed at abroad.

Shenzhuang Group is the test unit for China state-owned enterprise reform in Shenzhen and has always been one of the leading enterprises in the industry of architecture and decoration. It has won more than 200 national awards and it is one of the enterprises that has received Luban Award of China Construction Project and National Building Decoration Project Award for many times. Shenzhuang Group has made outstanding achievements in the design and construction of national municipal key projects, five-star hotels, commercial space, office buildings, cultural tourism, rail transit, financial institutions, residential hardcover and other design and construction fields. What’s more, Shenzhuang Group has been awarded as Outstanding Contribution Enterprise in China Architecture and Decoration Industry, Excellent Technological and Innovative Enterprise in National Architecture and Decoration Industry, Leading Enterprise of Green Decoration. Shenzhuang Group has also been awarded as Guangdong Province Trustworthy Enterprise, Guangdong Enterprise with Famous Trademark, Shenzhen Enterprise with Well-Known Brand. Shenzhuang Group has been consecutively awarded as Top 100 Enterprise in China China Architecture and Decoration Industry for 15 years. Its good reputation makes it a good choice of working partner for many excellent enterprises such as Huawei, Tencent, Baidu, Midea, Country Garden, Evergrande, Vanke and Warfarin.

Shenzhuang Group actively researches, develops and utilizes new techniques, new technologies, new materials and new equipment. It also attaches great importance to the development of patents and has been actively participated in drafting the industry technical standards. Currently, Shenzhuang Group owns more than seventy patents, keeps more than 40 innovation records, participates in drafting more than 15 national, industrial and association standards, with quite a number of standards filling the gaps of the industry. The drafting number of standards makes Shenzhuang Group rank in top three in the architecture and decoration industry.

Putting forward the creative business strategy plan of “Headquartered in Shenzhen, Research in Colleges and Universities, Base in Anhui Province, Market Globally”, Shenzhuang Group invested and established Shenzhen Shenzhuang (Chizhou) Industrial Park Co., Ltd. and started a new mode of industrial development by implementing the industrial production mode of “Technological Research, Industrialized Production, Mechanized Construction and Assembling Installation on Site” and by establishing a large and modernized industrial park that integrates the production, processing and research of decoration materials and includes wooden product factory, curtain wall, windows and doors factory, steel structure factory, aluminum material factory, stone material factory, new building material factory and Shenzhuang research and development center. Shenzhuang Group has become a comprehensive enterprise that can provide one-package service of design, construction and materials guided by its development mode of design and research, new material utilization, industrialized production and mechanized construction.

Over the past three decades, adhering to and inspired by the military culture, Shenzhuang Group has created its unique corporate culture with the characteristics of decoration industry, which has been highly spoken of by China Building Decoration Association and the society. Shenzhuang Group has made great performance and has been awarded the reputation of Advanced Unit of National Corporate Culture Construction, Top Ten Outstanding Contribution Units of Guangdong Province Corporate Culture Construction, Top Ten Units Of Shenzhen Corporate Culture Construction.

In order to optimize the equity structure of the company and promote rapid development of business innovation, Shengzhuang Group started the equity restructuring program in 2016. By adjusting the share structure and forming the controlling shareholder, Shenzhuang Group has achieved a high unified degree of responsibilities, rights and interests, which has played a positive role in promoting the innovation and development of the company and the cohesion of the company. The development task of how to transform and upgrade and how to become “Century-old brand, Century-old Shenzhuang" will challenge the new chief executive of Shenzhuang Group, Mr. WU Fugui. President WU has actively implemented the policy of reform and innovation, led the company staff of Shenzhuang Group to strive for dedication and forge ahead with the fighting spirit of taking responsibility, seizing the day and setting the trend bravely, seizing the day and being pilot, and accomplished the leapfrog development of enterprise transformation, the upgrade of industry and benefit improvement.

Over the past 3 decades, as the pioneer in the industry, Shenzhuang Group has made great contribution to the sprout and development of an emerging industry in China. Today, as the pacesetter enterprise of the decoration industry, guided by its development philosophy of “Green, Technological and Humane Shenzhuang”, Shenzhuang Group will strides on, open a new era of Shenzhuang Group and lead the decoration industry of China towards the goal of high-quality development, being greener, more environmental and more healthy.

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