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General situation of Industrial Park

Shenzhen Shenzhuang (Chizhou) Industrial Park Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shenzhuang Industrial Park), which was founded in March 2010 and invested and established by Shenzhen Building Decoration Group Co., Ltd. (in short: Shenzhuang Group) aiming at the decoration business and market demand, is a large modern industrial park integrating production, processing, research and development of decoration materials. It is one of the strategic step of “setting headquarter in Shenzhen, doing research in universities, building base in Chizhou and targeting at global market” of Shenzhuang Group. With the idea of green decoration, ShenzhuangIndustrial Parkis committed to build a professional production base integrating science and technology research and development and production starting with precision of design, standardization of components, mechanization of processing, assemblage of construction and integration of services.

Shenzhuang Industrial Park is of the registered capital of RMB 50 Million Yuan and the fixed assets breaking through RMB 500 Million Yuan. Now, the park has completed the investment and construction of RMB 380 Million Yuan.

Shenzhuang Curtain Wall, Windows and Doors Factory (building area: 30000), Shenzhuang Steel Structure Factory (building area: 21000) and Shenzhuang Wooden Products Factory (building area: 45000) subordinated to Shenzhuang Industrial Park all have went into operation. The establishment of Shenzhuang Century New Building Materials Co., Ltd. (plant construction area: 11000) will promote the development of building decoration products into large-scale and industrial production by taking advantage of new techniques, new materials and high-tech methods. Cooperating with Shanghai Rongxin Hongguan and taking Anhui Shenzhuang Rongxin Hongguan as a platform, Shenzhuang Group promotes the development of popular decoration supermarket. The establishment of Shenzhuang Group Design and Research Institute Chizhou Branch had built a solid platform for the Group to promote nationwide resources integration, improve enterprise competition ability and expend high-end design market. The Group has set up an innovative union integrating production, study and research with colleges and universities such as Hefei University and Nanjing Forestry University and others. A technical research and development building of about 30000 m2 has been completed and come into service. It will powerfully promote the fulfillment of the leap development of the science and technology of the Park. The dormitory buildings for employees with complete facilities provide a good hardware protection for the employees work and life. The completion of expert building will play an important role of attracting and retaining talents for the Park. A modern and garden production base with beautiful environment has been set up under the Jiuhua Mountain near the PingtianLake. Shenzhuang Industrial Park and all projected matched with the main business of Shenzhuang Group all will perfectly reflect the ideas of green, energy-saving, environmental protection and science and technology innovation of Shenzhuang Group and provide standard and normative high-quality on-site services.

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