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Shenzhuang Group held the Eleventh Board Meeting of the Fifth Session
  Source:本站 Data:2017-07-05

Shenzhuang Group held the Eleventh Board Meeting of the Fifth Session

Electing Fugui Wu as the Next Chairman of the Board

Based on the conference spirit of the nineteenth shareholder meeting, the twenty-second shareholder meeting and the twenty-fourth shareholder meeting of Shenzhen Building Decoration Group Co., Ltd (hereafter referred to as “Shenzhuang Group”), the work of asset reorganization for the company has been fully completed. In order to ensure the steady and rapid development of the company after asset reorganization, Shenzhuang Group held the eleventh board meeting of the fifth session on June 30, 2017. The meeting was hosted by Biao Zhu, the chairman of the board. All the directors and supervisors attended the meeting.


In order to guarantee the rights and interests of the old and new shareholders, the steady development of the enterprise as well as complementing the advantages and making concerted efforts to seek development for the teams at all levels, following the principle of ensuring the conformity of right, responsibility and interest for the corporate legal person administration structure, agreements had separately been made during the meeting on the report of Mr. Biao Zhu regarding application for resigning from the corporate chairman of the board as well as the report of Mr. Jiayu Wang regarding application for resigning from honorary chairman of the company. For confirming the actual controller status of the first majority shareholder of the company as well as accelerating the steady transition after the equity restructuring of the enterprise, the board of directors elected Mr. Fugui Wu as the new chairman of Shenzhuang Group in accordance with the provision of articles of corporation.


The new chairmanFugui Wu

During the meeting, the newly elected Chairman Fugui Wu sincerely appreciated Mr. Jiayu Wang and Mr. Biao Zhu for the extraordinary contributions to the development of the company. Nominated by Chairman Fugui Wu and consented through voting of board of directors, Mr. Biao Zhu was appointed as the honorary chairman of Shenzhuang Group and Mr. Jiayu Wang was appointed as corporate consultant of Shenzhuang Group.


In order to ensure the normal operation of the corporate business, the Chairman Fugui Wu acted as the corporate legal representative to assure the scientific decision making and undertaking of responsibility. For ensuring the steady transition for the old and new team, the directors, supervisors and senior management remain the same. Based on the market development of the company and the requirement of standard management, advanced talents could be introduced in the future through market mechanism in favor of development of the enterprise.


Since then, the adjustment of ownership structure which lasted for one year and the target of capital integration for promoting corporate development have been completed successfully. In the high conformity of responsibility, right and interest in the future, all the people of Shenzhuang Group are believed to continue inheriting the thirty years’ fine tradition of Shenzhuang Group and spare no effort to start a more prosperous and stronger new era of Shenzhuang Group under the leadership of the new chairman.


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