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Shenzhuang Group Is Awarded the National Quality Project Award in 2017
  Source:本站 Data:2017-12-22


Zhuhai Shizimen Exhibition BusinessGroup Phase IApartment Hotel Project Built by Shenzhuang Group Is Awarded the National Quality Project Award in 2017

On the just finished Summary and Commendation Conference of 2016-2017 National Quality Project Award, the Zhuhai Shizimen Exhibition Business Group Phase I Apartment Hotel Project (Huafa Exhibition Administration Apartment) Built by Shenzhuang Group was awarded the National Quality Project Award. This is the second time that Shenzhuang Group won the national highest honor in engineering project construction field after winning the “Luban Prize” by Zhuhai International Convention & Exhibition Center.

National Quality Project Award is a cross-industry and cross-disciplinary national honor award confirmed by the state which is established at the earliest with the highest specification in engineering project construction field. It is also the top honor award in the aspect of quality of engineering project construction. The Award is issued by China Association of Construction Enterprise Management, guided by National Development and Reform Commission and governed by General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China. The Award enjoys equal popularity with The Luban Prize for Construction Project of China.

The project team of Shenzhuang Group adhered to the enterprise philosophy of "creating process quality"of Shenzhuang Group and followed the National Award’s spiritual concept of advocating"pursuing excellence and casting classical”.During the construction process, led by Project Manager Ding Xu, the project team carried out the quality consciousnessfrom the start to the end, strengthened project quality management in accordance with strict requirements on refined standards, paid attention to the overall management of project quality and comprehensively improved the quality management level of the construction industry relying on scientific and economic project quality management concept and effective management methods. Keeping pursuing perfection with outstanding achievements, Project Manager Ding Xu was simultaneously awarded the title of Excellent Contributor of National Quality Project Award, which is a reputation deserved for him.

Near to Hengqin National Free Trade Zone and separated from Macao only across the water, Zhuhai Shizimen Central Business District Business Group Project is a large complexintegrated with exhibition, hotel, apartment, conference and theatre, acting as the important fulcrum for establishing a new pattern of Zhuhai City, theimportant engine to promote the development of Zhuhai City’s development level under the influence of the Hengqin Free Trade Zone, the important platform for developing modern services at a high starting point and the important carrier to promote closer cooperation between Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. As one of the important and excellent strategic partners of Huafa Group, Shenzhuang Group always progresses adhering to the craftsmanship and constantly challenges the new height of construction by high standard technologies and high standard quality requirements. The project team completed the construction of Zhuhai International Conference & Exhibition Center, Huafa Administration Apartment, Huafa Sheraton Hotel, Zhuhai Central Office Building and Huahua Regis Hotel in the Shizimen Central Business District Business Group Project. Therein, the International Conference & Exhibition Center has been award the Luban Prize and the Banquet Hall Project of Sheraton Hotel and Regis Hotel has been awarded the National Decoration Award, which contributedShenzhuang Group’s strengths to the construction of Zhuhai Shizimen Central Business District and the promotion of the pattern of Zhuhai City.



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