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National high-tech enterprises
  Source:本站 Data:2017-12-22


Shenzhuang Group Is Awarded the Certificate withHonors upon Passing the Identification of National High-tech Enterprise

Recently, Shenzhuang Group has passed the identification of national high-tech enterprise and been awarded the Certificate of National High-tech Enterprise. It shows that Shenzhuang Group has got the affirmation and recognition from the state in terms of technical research & development and innovation and indicates that the independent innovation ability and core competitiveness of Shenzhuang Group have taken a big step forward.

In recent years, with bold development and positive innovation, Shenzhuang Groupimproves the new technology level, reinforces the scientific researchcontinually, makes full use of the five-in-one scientific and technological research and development platform of the company, Chizhou Industrial Park, universities, factories and project sites, integrates resources, builds teams of professional and technical personnel, makes efforts to cultivate and develop scientific and technological achievements of the enterprise and achieves outstanding results in the aspects of technology demonstration projects, scientific and technological innovation achievements, enterprise innovation record, enterprise work law and patent. The award of the Certificate of High-tech Enterpriseis worthy of Shenzhuang Group's reputation.

As for the future development, Shenzhuang Group will take the opportunity of being awarded the title of National High-tech Enterprise with honors to strictly follow the requirements of high-tech enterprises and continue to regard innovation as the driving force to further increase investment in scientific and technological research and development, strive to improve its level of research & development and keep making efforts to establish a mature enterprise.

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