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Shenzhuang Group has Won Three Awards
  Source:本站 Data:2018-01-19

Shenzhuang Group has Won Three Awards

------ "Green Environmental Protection Outstanding Enterprise" and "Independent Innovation Pilot Enterprise". etc


Recently, Shenzhen Industrial Innovation Achievement Conference and Shenzhen Industry Association 2017 annual meeting was held in Shenzhen Wuzhou hotel. 

Ms Gu xiulian, vice chairman of the standing committee of the tenth National People's Congress, director of China's Committee of Care for Next Generation and honorary President of China Industrial Economic Association, Mr. Lin zongtang, former minister of the Ministry of Aerospace Industry, top advisor of Shenzhen Industry Association,  Ms Zhang guying, director of the Guangdong Committee of Care for Next Generation and the former director of the Standing Committee of the Guangdong Provincial People's Congress, Mr. Li hao, former member of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, former secretary of Shenzhen Municipal Party Vommittee and honorary chairman of Shenzhen Industry Association, and Mr. Xiong meng executive vice President and secretary general of the China Federation of Industrial Economy attended the ceremony.  Ms Liu yonghua, director and vice President of Shenzhuang Group was invited to attend the meeting as the supervisor of Shenzhen Industry Association.


The third shenzhen industrial award was presented at the conference. This conference also rewarded The 16th shenzhen enterprise innovation record and the second "shenzhen top 100 best craftsmen" and "shenzhen craftsmen cultivation demonstration unit" .Shenzhuang Group has won three awards for "outstanding enterprise of green environmental protection", "leading enterprise of independent innovation" and "outstanding enterprise of social responsibility". And four records were certificated as Shenzhen enterprise innovation record . The Group is highly recognized by the general assembly and shenzhen industry enterprises in the fields of enterprise innovation, implementation of green development concept and fulfillment of corporate citizenship responsibility.

outstanding enterprise of social responsibility

leading enterprise of independent innovation

outstanding enterprise of green environmental protection

 four records were certificated as Shenzhen enterprise innovation record

2017 is the year when technology and business model profoundly change the way of our life. All kinds of high tech practice impacted our imagination and changed our life amazingly. In the construction decoration industry BIM, Internet +, VR, 3D printing, big data and other high-technologies continue to innovate day by day,  the thriving development of a enterprise trend from mainly relying on scale advantage to relying on technical strength and professional ability .We can only sail to a more splendid future with our unremitting innovation. Let’s keep on going!


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