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Take Advantage of the Tide and Set Sail
  Source:本站 Data:2018-07-05

On June 15, on such an auspicious day with a gentle and pleasant breeze, the opening ceremony of SHENZHUANG GROUP Beijing Branch was held in Caoqiao, No.41, South Third Ring West Road, Fengtai District, the new address of the Branch. Wu Fugui, the Secretary of Party Committee and Chairman of SHENZHUANG GROUP, Zhu Biao, the Honorary Chairman, Vice President Liu Yonghua and Yang Hao and Tian Qiuju, the Chief Economist, and other leaders of the Group all appeared in person to attend the opening ceremony and to celebrate the official opening of the Branch together with guests and all the staff of Beijing Branch.

    In the solemn opening ceremony, Wu Fugui, the Secretary of Party Committee and Chairman of the Group, made a speech: The official opening of Beijing Branch is a milestone for the Group. From the former Beijing Office to the current Beijing Branch, it marks another step forward of the Group on optimization and adjustment of strategic space layout. The established SHENZHUANG GROUP Beijing Branch is responsible for some of the Group's functions in the capital. Under the background of coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, it shall seize the rare chances brought by the development strategies of Beijing and Xiong’an New Area, actively expand regional markets and increase the Group's influence in Beijing.

    After the opening ceremony, Chairman Wu and other leaders of the Group inspected the office area of Beijing Branch, visited the staff of all departments and had a panel discussion with persons in charge of departments of Beijing Branch. After hearing the work report of Zhang Zhihao, the person in charge of the Branch, Chairman Wu stressed in his speech that: The establishment of Beijing Branch is the result of the joint efforts of the Group and the Branch, and is a big thing, good thing and happy thing for both the Group and the Branch. Beijing Branch owns a team with rich experience. I hope all of you will carry forward the culture of the Group well, always think that you are a member of SHENZHUANG, and keep in mind that innovation is an inexhaustible driving force. I hope the Branch can achieve total innovation on providing value-added services and value enhancement to owners, keep forging ahead and strive to achieve development goals that make a leap at a new starting point.

   Chairman Wu’s speech made all the staff of Beijing Branch feel encouraged and enlightened. There was a steady stream of applause. All staff said that they would stay true to the mission, let dreams fly, seize the opportunity and take advantage of the tide to write a new chapter of leaping development of SHENZHUANG GROUP in Beijing in the new era.


    It is worth mentioning that in the market competition in Beijing Area, the Group keeps up with the times and distributes the whole market from point to surface. In 1989, the Group entered the market of Beijing, became one of the large-scale decoration companies of Shenzhen which entered the market of Beijing earlier and undertook the decoration series projects of Kanglegong of Asian Games Village in Beijing. Upon the Beijing Asian Games Village decoration projects, the company gained a firm foothold fast in Beijing’s market. On the world-renowned Chang’an Street, over 20 key decoration projects such as Beijing Hotel, China Millennium Monument, Beijing Concert Hall and National Centre for the Performing Arts are shining like stars. Landmark buildings like Supreme People's Court, Chinese PLA General Hospital, Air Force General Hospital, Beijing Library and Seven Stars Morgan Square in Beijing all remind the shadows and sweat of the people of SHENZHUANG. Many projects such as Beijing Xuanxin Building, China Millennium Monument, Yintai Centre, Beijing Concert Hall won the Luban Prize and China Building Engineering Decoration Award. In 2017, SHENZHUANG GROUP took part in the decoration of the highest landmark building in Beijing, Z15 Tower (CITIC Tower), opening a new process in Beijing’s decoration market.

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