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Focus on First-class Standard and Endeavor to Forge ahead
  Source:本站 Data:2019-03-28

      On late March, bathed in the warm spring breeze, WU Fugui, the Secretary of the Party Committee and director of Shenzhuang Group, spent a week in visiting north China region, northwest region, south China region and east China region for investigation and survey. President WU also listened to the annual work report of each branch, examined and made direction of propulsion situation of the goal tasks, analyzed and solved the problem by face to face, signed the target responsibility certificate with the leaders of each branch, awarded prizes to advanced units and individuals and made important speech on how to achieve symbiotic developments between headquarter and each branch so as to complete the goal tasks of a year in high standard and high quality surrounded the theme of “Focus on First-class Standard and Endeavor to Forge ahead”.

      YANG HAO, co-president of Shenzhaung Group, XUE ANFENG, assistant to president and vice president, YUAN CHUANLONG, director and vice president, LIU YONGHUA, director and vice president, SONG ZHENHUA, vice president and director of project management center and cost control center, WU QIAOPING, chairman of the labor union and director of brand strategy center, WANG FACHENG, assistant to president and office director of board of directors, WANG QINGPING, assistant to president and deputy director of market management center, WU LEI, dean of School of Design, DING NIANBIN, deputy director of project management center, XU JINQIAO, deputy director of brand strategy center and SHENG JING, vice president of Shenzhuang Chizhou Industrial Park and director of Anhui Huaguan Wood and Technology Co., Ltd. also participated in the investigation and survey.

      In the investigation and survey meeting, relevant managers of business operating department analyzed and communicated on the overall development situation of the construction industry in 2018 and 2019, the operation situation, cost control and financial management of the Group and each branch. The designers of the design center and each branch institute shared the market characteristics of decoration design and discussed how to achieve efficient linkage between design and construction.

      President WU pointed out that this investigation and survey was a reform measure of business and management of Shenzhuang Group and it was the first time to hold the survey at each branch. It aims to look deep into the actual situation of construction development of each branch, to strengthen communication, to face-to-face solve the problems occurred in the process of symbiotic developments, to further unify thinking and knowledge, to standardize and improve all systems, to integrate resources effectively, to cohere thoughts, to form resultant force up and down and to promote sustainable, healthy and rapid development of the Group.

      XI Jinping, General Secretory of the Party, stressed that development is top priority, talent is top resource and innovation is top driving force when he attended the Deliberations of the Guangdong Delegation to the first session of the 13th National People's Congress. In 2018, the Group put forward the concept of “talent leading, innovation driven and symbiotic developments”, which is a practical measure to fulfill the instructions of President Xi and accelerate the pace of enterprise development. Over the past year, the Group has stuck to the corporate value of “integrity, responsibility and being accountable”, carried forward the fighting spirit of “plug the red flag to the top of the mountain”, focused on development, sought innovation and novelty for development and with aim to build “century-old brand, century-old Shenzhuang”. All construction show a good upward trend. Practice has proved that the development scale and the brand effect of the Group have been rapidly expanded through symbiotic developments. The market competitiveness has become increasingly strong, which has accumulated huge power for the long-term development of the Group. The development situation of today fully shows that the strategic decision of “accelerating the pace of symbiotic developments” made by the Group is completely correct, which is the only way to make the company stronger and bigger under the new situation, and it is the result of careful planning by the core business team of the Group and the cooperation among all branches. All performance of the Group is the hardwork, wisdom and courage of all the company staff. All honour of the Group comes from the concerns, supports and trust from all leaders, new and old customers and partners. All the achievements of the Group are the opportunities, challenges and gifts from this great era.
      President WU stressed that the year of 2019 is a key year for Shenzhuang Group to start a new development mode and a new journey. All branches have been clear about the annual task indicators, and the Group has a very heavy task to achieve leapfrog development. The future is full of hope, but the road is full of hardships. In order to achieve symbiotic developments, the Group should set up the idea of “one board of chess”, form “one piece of strength” to “one strand of rope” and achieve a high degree of integration of ideology, work and regulation so as to make the scientific mechanism of the Group work efficiently. The head office of the Group must have the overall awareness, firmly establish the idea of serving the grass-root units and sincerely do practical things for the grass-root units so as to do the advanced and special things first; It is necessary to set up the corporate value orientation of “striver oriented, respecting value creators”, to strengthen the efforts in talent training and selection and create the employment guidance of “the capable ones relieve the incapable ones”. We should pay more attention to the team building of the staff of grass-root units, make full use of the headquarter platform resources, and provide strong support of learning, training and professional title assessment for the staff. “The road is far, but the line will come; Difficult as it is, it is done.” Although there are many difficulties on the road of symbiotic developments, we believe that as long as we take the first step firmly and take every step well, we will be closer to our goal day by day. Stepping on the new journey, we hope that the Group will make new and greater contributions to the historic development of Shengzhuang Group with the confidence as solid as a rock, the strength to seize the day, the indomitable perseverance, and the heart and soul to overcome the difficulties and forge ahead together.
      The directors of each branch and each School of design attended the investigation and survey meeting.

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