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Good News! Shenzhuang Group won five awards in Shenzhen decoration industry
  Source:本站 Data:2019-03-29

      On March 28th, 2019, the Third Session of the 9th Shenzhen Decoration Industry Association and 2018 Annual Summary Commendation Conference was held at Wu Zhou Guest House ShenZhen.

      After hearing and deliberating the relevant reports and proposals of the Association, outstanding enterprises and individuals of Shenzhen decoration industry in 2018 was commended on the Conference. On the Conference, Shenzhuang Group won five awards, which were listed as follows: 2018 Outstanding Contribution Enterprise (only five companies received this prize), the 2018 Shenzhen Decoration Industry Innovative Talent Award (President WU Fugui), 2018 Technology Talent Award (WANG Xin, Chief Engineer), Top Ten Outstanding Project Manager Award (DING Xu, Project Manager), 2018 Scientific and Technological Innovation Achievement Award (Construction Method of Aluminum Veneer Ceiling with Unidirectional Keel, Shenzhuang Group)

      What's past is prologue. Honour belongs to the past. In 2019, Shenzhuang Group will continue to stick to its value idea of “Integrity, Responsibility and Being Accountable”, seize firmly the strategic opportunities of the Construction of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Development of Xiong’an New District and Development of The Belt and Road, pursue high-quality development, forge ahead passionately, endeavor to make another splendid achievement and make positive contribution to the sustainable and healthy development of the Company and the industry.

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