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Qiang Yi, Chairman of the Board of VIMG, Australia, Visited the Dongguan International Trade Center
  Source:本站 Data:2019-09-08
     On September 7, Qiang Yi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of VIMG, Australia, and his senior executives went to visit and guide the refined decoration project of Minying International Trade City in Dongguan, where SHENZHUANG GROUP undertook the construction. Yang Hao, Co-President of SHENZHUANG GROUP, Sun Guohong, Project Manager of International Trade City of Industrial Management Center, and Wang Gang, Vice General Manager of the First Market Department of Market Management Center, extended a warm welcome and accompanied the tour.
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      Co-President Yang Hao introduced the construction situation of the whole International Trade Center to the senior executives of VIMG, Australia. Minying ? International Trade City is the largest high-end city complex in Dongguan built by Minying Group with all its strength. Located in the "CBD core area" of Dongguan Central Business District, Minying ? International Trade City has become a new landmark "City within a City" of Dongguan City, bearing Dongguan's strength as a new rising city in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. SHENZHUANG GROUP undertook and constructed the refined decoration project of "Guanyi Story" public area in Minying ? International Trade City and the refined decoration project of "Non-Guanyi Story" public area. With a strong enterprise brand and rich construction experience, the fruitful achievements of Dongguan manufacturing industry and Dongguan intangible cultural heritage, local characteristic food and other delicacies with "Dongguan flavor" are fully presented in the project by SHENZHUANG GROUP.

The Real Scene of International Trade City
      The senior executives of VIMG, Australia visited the International Trade City with great interest, deepened their understanding of the overall situation of the project decoration, and gave high recognition and praise to the construction quality and craftsmanship spirit of SHENZHUANG GROUP. During the visit and exchange, the two sides made in-depth discussions on the construction and development of the Great Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao and the future strengthening of cooperation between the two sides, hoping to establish good cooperative relations between the two sides.

Visit International Trade City
Qiang Yi (right), Chairman of the Board of Directors of VIMG, and Yang Hao (left), Co-President of SHENZHUANG GROUP are talking with each other
      It is reported that: VIMG is a comprehensive group company based in Australia, engaging in residential real estate development, commercial real estate development and fund management. With strong capital and professional management team, VIMG is very competitive and forward-looking in the development of unique and comfortable residential space, commercial space and other projects.

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