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Good News|SHENZHUANG GROUP Ranked Sixth with Honor in the Released Comprehensive Data Statistical
  Source:本站 Data:2020-08-25

Good NewsSHENZHUANG GROUP Ranked Sixth with Honor in the Released Comprehensive Data Statistical 

Ranking of China's Building Decoration Industry in 2018


On December 24, China Building Decoration Association officially released the comprehensive data statistical ranking of China's building decoration industry in 2018. SHENZHUANG GROUP ranked 6th in decoration, 9th in design and 32nd in curtain wall with honor.


It is reported that China's building decoration industry ranking is a data statistical ranking carried out by China Building Decoration Association for the sake of implementing the document spirit of the relevant national ministries and commissions, and providing the relevant government departments with the basis of the development status of upstream and downstream industries, and a comprehensive quantitative ranking obtained by strict selection, statistics and evaluation based on the financial indicators such as business income, the quality and technical indicators such as decoration awards and standard patents, the human resource indicators such as registered personnel and the number of people covered by social security, as well as other aspects such as enterprise honor and qualification, major projects, safety and quality, and social responsibility.


This ranking is the high appreciation of China Building Decoration Association for the outstanding performance of SHENZHUANG GROUP in decoration, curtain wall, design and other fields in 2018, and also another evidence proofing that SHENZHUANG GROUP has maintained rapid development and performance improvement in terms of industry professionalism and social influence, and demonstrating the extraordinary strength of SHENZHUANG GROUP. In the future, SHENZHUANG GROUP will continue to give full play to the advantages of the whole decoration industry chain, stick to innovation and development, always adhere to the concept of building scientific and technological SHENZHUANG, green SHENZHUANG and humanistic SHENZHUANG, contribute more high-quality projects to the society, forge ahead for the vision of creating a century-old brand and century-old SHENZHUANG, and continuously assist the innovation and reform of China's building decoration industry with the benchmarking power of the enterprise.

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